Organic Columbus Muesli (gluten-free)

high iron, source of magnesium & fibre, cocoa blend with touch of raspberries

Ingredients: corn flakes*, puffed rice*, puffed amaranth*, beetroot molasses*, raisins*, puffed millet*, honey*, cocoa*, freeze-dried raspberries*.
*product of organic farming

Nutritional value per 100 g
energy 1540 kJ (364 kcal)
fat 2,4 g
of which saturates 0,9 g
carbohydrate 75 g
of which sugars 14 g
fibre 4,2 g
protein 8,2 g
salt 0,57 g
iron 86 mg (23%*)
magnesium 4,7 mg (33%*)

* percent of the daily reference intake